Tokenization of real estate

New liquidity to the real estate market


The global real estate market is currently valued at $326 trillion. However, despite being one of the largest markets worldwide, traditional real estate remains largely illiquid and nontransparent.

  • High investment costs
  • Only for big investors
  • Inefficient settlement cycles
  • Long investment horizons
  • Expensive intermediaries

SOLUTION + TOKENIZATION solves the problem of limited investment opportunities by making real estate accessible to a wider audience through the tokenization of properties.

In essence, tokenization is the process of converting asset ownership rights into digital tokens on a blockchain

  • Easier for people to invest in and trade such assets
  • Helps create a more liquid market
  • Democratization – retail investors

Why Us

Our clients tokenize real estate for three main reasons

  • Digitization and automation
  • New investor opportunities
  • Significantly increased liquidity







Reducing geographic constraints


  • Liquidity
  • Issue and manage initial token sales
  • Perform investor communications
  • Execute distributions
  • Provide marketplace for investors
  • Connect owners to raise money


  • Right investment with high returns
  • Proper vetting by industry professionals
  • Assurance that the property title is clean
  • Assurance that there are no outstanding taxes
  • Proper passing of inspections
  • Calculating appraisals
  • Establishing existing tenants and managers



of investors intend to increase their allocation to real estate over next two years.


of millennials are interested in investing in real estate and consider it to be one of the most attractive assets classes together with digital classes

Your Investment Opportunities

Pay by crypto, earn monthly, grow your income.

Luxury Office

ROI 10%

Price for token      100€

Available tokens    10 000/100 000

Ends in    100 days 12h


Fine Condo

ROI 18%

Price for token      100€

Available tokens     18 000/130 000 000

Ends in     180 days 12h


New Mall

ROI 12%

Price for token      100€

Available tokens   10 00/200 000

Ends in    130 days 12h


How does real estate tokenization work?



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Frequently asked questions

Asset tokenization involves converting assets into digital tokens on a blockchain. This process offers advantages for both investors and issuers.
Yes, asset tokenization utilizes blockchain technology, which provides a secure and transparent way to manage digital assets.
You can participate in asset tokenization by engaging with platforms that offer tokenized assets. This could involve purchasing tokens representing various assets.
Investors gain access to markets previously out of reach. They can conveniently trade assets that were previously difficult to sell or buy.
Anyone! This is a major advantage of real estate tokenization. It broadens access for a larger pool of investors compared to conventional investment methods.
Issuers enjoy multiple benefits. They gain a competitive edge, earn increased fees, and can establish improved terms and conditions.
Certainly! Asset tokenization opens doors to previously inaccessible markets. It enables seamless trading of assets that were once challenging to deal with.
By bringing investors and issuers together, asset tokenization creates a mutually beneficial situation. Investors gain access, and issuers gain advantages and better terms.
As with any investment, there are risks involved. It’s important to conduct thorough research and understand the specific risks associated with each tokenized asset.


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